Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happly Fathers Day to Me

4 whole days after Leah left (see previous post) My father came for a visit, for the first time since we had out own place.
The first of 2 visits to happen this summer, and considering I took him everywhere cool we had already been on this trip, I'm not sure where else we will take him :p

It was a very nice visit. I'm glad he and I are able to still have adventures like we used, to even though I'm married and we live 2000 miles apart.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


After our Montana trip, Michael's sister Leah came back with us for a week.
It was so nice having her hear to bond and have fun with :)
Mountains. Beach. Shopping. Hollywood. Santa Monica Pier. Wonderful Food. Etc. 

I miss her already!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Montana in Pictures

End of May, we drove to Montana for five and a half days for Michael's Cousin's wedding. First time the whole family on his mothers side was all together since I joined the family.
I ended up taking the family photos and helped in taking the wedding photos as well.
All-in-all the whole trip ended up coming to around 3,000 photos, and I know its quality over quantity, but I must admit, I am pretty proud of some of the wedding photos I took. It was really nice to be able to help out and contribute in a way I know how. I pushed myself so hard that day (I went home early at the point of tears, I was in so much pain) but it was worth it. I just wish i was able to enjoy the reception a bit more.
Anyways, without getting into anything else,
here is...

Our week to and from Montana in Pictures (because I'm lazy) :p

Trip There.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Guess what... My Mother Is The Best!

So guess what, yea you guessed it, because you read the title, but I'm still going to say it...


I know everyone says it, but I am so blessed to have this woman as my mother, I honestly think she is the best!
She has always been there for me, and she has given up so much for me.
She cares for everyone, she has reached out to my friends in many ways. 
She has always supported Michael and I's relationship, even when she was disappointed or didn't approve of choices we made when we were young, she still stood by us and always encouraged us through God.
She has been dealt some pretty tough shit through her life, and even though it hasn't all gone over smoothly, she has survived, and came out even stronger in her life and in her faith,
and it just amazes me.

She blesses us with her marvelous cooking skills, and even when funds are low, she still finds a way to come visit when she can.
She is the only mother I know of that comes over for sleepovers. Where we talk, watch movies, sometimes drink and paint our nails. Sometimes going out shopping together.
For her birthday I took her out and we got her nose pierced.

This woman has raised me, and been my mother, but yet has also turned out to be one of my best friends.

As family, of course we get tired of each other, have fights or get snippy at each other.
but all things considering, she is the most incredible woman I've ever met and I'm so blessed to be her child.

Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there, but most of all, to my Mom. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Easter We Welcomed Ruby Etta Robbe to the Family and a quick update to follow

Almost a whole month of no blogging.
So much to say, so little enthusiasm.

Ugh I'm just so tired and I've been working on so much, blogging has not been coming easily this month.
So I'm going to sum it all up in a nutshell of a post.

Lets start at a week before Easter.
I had been longing for a companion such as a cat or maybe even a dog (even though I'm a cat person) and I thought I would check up on craigslist to see what I could find, honestly, there was a lot to find.
Cats, dogs, bunnys, even some reptiles. With lots of rehoming fee's and numbers to call or text instead of outright saying them. So Sunday we made some calls, and I had the sudden urge to go check puppy shops. I thought maybe it would fulfill my puppy need, but we only found two after an afternoon of driving around. But damn, the puppy's were in the thousands. All things considering I could find many on craigslist for half the price.
But with our financials, and upcoming trips, I knew we couldn't afford anything anywhere close to all of this. So I was about to give up when I decided to check a different county region.
I happened to pick Inland Empire, and even though I was avoiding ALL chihuahuas, I saw a picture that fought my eye, of a little chihuahua/pom mix puppy with not much info.
BUT the listing was the first listing I saw to say "make us an offer" so we got in contact and made them an offer and they took it.

Two days later, we went and picked her up, and that is how we came to own
Ruby Etta Robbe

She's a 4.2lbs Ball of spazy fire, with super soft pom fur.

Less then a week later we went and visited my mom for easter.


 For sure a memorable easter.
My mother and one of my aunts live together at the moment, and my aunt has a Pomeranian and my mom has a cat. They get along just fine, but the dog doesn't want to play with the cat, and the cat always wants to play, so when we brought the puppy in, of course the puppy wanted to play with everyone. The cat was weary and skittish at first, but after 10-20 minutes of Ruby going after her wanting to play, kitty got into it and for at least an hour they were chasing each other all over the house, honestly the cat was chasing Ruby more. It was so adorable!

I am so thankful they all get along since when we go on vacation my mother will be taking care of Ruby for us. Would have sucked if the cat or pom had a problem with Ruby.


As for other news, I've been getting ready for our Montana trip in 20 days, especially since we have had a new development. Leah (one of Michael's sisters) will be coming back with us for a week. Super exciting stuff! So I've been working on squaring stuff away on that end, including getting some new summer clothes, essentials and things I happened upon :p

So this last weekend we went out and grabbed some stuff, and while we were out we decided to grab lunch in downtown Disney since it wasn't actually in the park. Very thankful that parking was free. We didn't really know what to expect since we had never been. We ate at Earl of Sandwich, which was good, although the two hot sandwiches we got were very measly. But it was for sure a good day out.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sidecar Doughnuts and Pie-Not Pie's: The Ultimate Pastry Experience.

Have you ever had a Maple Bacon Doughnut or an Australian Meat Pie, that was so good, you went back 3 times in 8 days to get more? lol well I sure hadn't until this last week.
A few miles away from us, are two little shops, side by side. One sells gourmet doughnuts and the other sells Australian style Savory Pies and baked goods. Both unique and very special in their own way. While Sidecar Doughnuts is a bit more expensive then your usual doughnut shops, Pie-Not's pies are probably one of the cheapest lunch's you can get around, (Unless you would rather have processed food from a fast food joint). So all in all its a pretty inexpensive lunch. 
We have yet to try Sidecar's Savory Breakfast doughnuts because we haven't made it there in the mornings yet, but I can tell you, we are definitely looking forward grabbing ourselves some soon :)

Sidecar is apparently also know for its Coffee, especially their Stumptown Cold brew Coffee.
Personally its not my thing, but then again I had it straight up, and I'm not 100% certain on if thats how you are supposed to have it :p

Pie-nots has more then just pie's, and plenty of options, for those who want something sweet, or even those who are vegetarian. Everything is extremely flaky and quite addicting. 
So if you're in the area, and you want a quick delicious lunch with a sweet delight after. I would 100% suggest you head on over to Sidecar and Pie-Not's on 17th St in Costa Mesa

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Crossroads Trading Co.

My Crossroads Trading Co Experience 

The weekend before this last weekend I wanted to check out some used clothing stores, and so far we had only seen one other one in the area other then Goodwill. Once we looked up used clothes on Google, that was a different story altogether. As there were many options in the area to try out, one particular store stood out to me, and we thought we would go check the place out before it closed (since it was close to evening time)

The place was Crossroads Trading Co. and it was beautiful! 
Similar to Plato's Closet, but better, they take in lightly worn, name brand clothing, and sell it at ridiculously low prices.
The place location-wise, isn't bad, the two I've been to are in nice affluent areas. The inside does remind me a little more of goodwill and less like plato's, Considering the concrete floor and plain walls, with clothes lining it. I did think it was nice that they had good dressing rooms, not like how goodwill usually only has 2.

If you don't mind second hand clothing, and are looking for nice stuff I would definitely suggest this place. My hauls would have been way bigger if I was a normal size, considering all the racks and racks of cool clothes. They have so many cool stuff for great prices. I can't even fully express how awesome this place is!
If you are in the Southern Cali area, and are plus size, they don't have a great variety, but they do have a rack of plus clothes (although small), the Costa Mesa location has a bit more then the Irvine one.

This is my hauls from visiting Crossroads Trading Co in Costa Mesa
and Irvine.

Now can you understand why this is the coolest place! and we have 2 locations near us.
pretty stoked!!!