Monday, April 13, 2015

The Many Problems of a Discontent Blogger.

Blogging. What a strange concept.
Writing ones thoughts, likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams, life lessons, idea's, down for the world to see. Like a diary, but far more structured. I'm sure if someone from 100 years ago saw how we lived now, with blogging and the amount of pictures and selfies we take, they would be amazed at how self absorbed our generation is.
Then again, I wouldn't want to live a 100 years ago. Not getting into the political and living differences, but just all the things we can do in this day and age, our cars take us everywhere we want to go, and fast. Our camera's document everything we want others to see, or to remember ourselves. Our computers show us everything out there and keep us in contact with people we would otherwise never meet.
So why are we so unhappy? Were we always this unhappy in one way or another?
Self-esteem and health issues aside, just the fact that we seem to never be content with what we have, or what we have seen and experienced. 
100 years ago, going to college was a privilege, and now its a requirement. A woman having a job, was seen the same way, and now when you hear of a wife not working, it seems selfish. It's a social pressure that popped out of nowhere.
Here in America, our children our fed, and educated, mostly with roof's over their heads, yet is isn't enough.

We are extremely privileged and blessed as a nation. We have come many strides through the last 100 years; it's impressive. Yet as a collaboration of people, it seems we are unhappy.
Maybe because the many ways we can discuss and broadcast how unhappy we are, and all the ways people broadcast the things they get and places they go, that makes others jealous. 
It's difficult to be content, when we constantly have ads, and other people's blessings shoved in our face, with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and magazines. --sure, story's and articles can be inspiring, but sometimes, I get bogged down seeing everything people are achieving, or experiences, things that I am not, and it stresses me out. I know that's just me, and we are all made differently, but I also know I am not alone in that.

My stability, my contentedness, my peace in knowing that I have my own path and it's OK if I don't do everything, comes from Jesus. 
In this day in age, I think we all struggle with this, but blogging can stress me out, not having the greatest things to share, hardly any followers, not having a niche. I tend to focus on myself a bit, whether is in a good light or not. 
In a way, I think God intended for me to not be a content person, helps me strive to be better, and I'm sure there was even more of a purpose behind it. I just know, I don't always point my focus on the right things, and it tends to get me in trouble, and give me all sorts of anxieties. 
I then have to take my selfish thinking, self-observed tendencies, and insecurities to God. Ask for forgiveness and lay them at the throne.
Get my focus back on the right path, be comfortable just blogging for myself, living for God, and walking his path. Knowing that his path, is the right path, and that path that will bring me the most joy, and Him the most glory.

Blogging about blogging, How Ironic.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Happy Easter!
Today was a good day. Unusual, but good.
Easter in the past has been spent with family, the last few years, out here in California, we haven't had family to spend it with. So it's been fairly normal of a day. 
However, this year we decided to throw a BBQ at the park, with our friends being full up with family plans, and my mother being sick. we had to cancel.
after the cancellation, a friend of ours from our Community group invited us to spend easter dinner with her and her family. Completely thrilled by the generous offer, and actually have plans, we took them up.

So after a wonderful church service, We went and saw a movie at a newly-found cheap movie theater. Spent some time at a park, since it was a beautiful day. Then headed over to The Chapmans, for a wonderful evening of dinner, good conversation, and later a couple of us played Settlers of Catan.

A huge thank you to the Chapman's agains for their hospitality!

All together it was a good day, and I hope everyone else had a good Easter as well!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


It's the end of the month, and I haven't written a single post.
It's probably because I'm either ignoring life, or getting beat down a bit by it.
Not like anything outright bad has happened this month, just a bunch of tiny things that eventually build up and effect you. One of those months where you just smile and bite through it. I had been asking the Lord what he has for me in this season, what's next, what should I be doing? ...and I hadn't heard anything. I started letting little things get to me, then some financial-stresses, home-stresses, friendship-stresses, not-working-stresses. Satan was pushing my buttons and I was letting him.

Last night before I went to bed, I asked the Lord to give me energy to tackle some stuff when I woke up, since I greatly struggle with procrastination, which leads to doing nothing.
When I woke up, I did the dishes, grabbed some breakfast, and read my devotional before any Netflix or games of any sort.
My devotional was on deliverance but also spoke of being still, be thankful and how blessings come through joyous acceptance and anticipation.

Through reading today's chapter, I realized I've been very focused on the future, and all the things I haven't been able to tackle, even though I have the time. and even though it wasn't in writing, I felt God telling me that it is OK to not be busy with outside things at the moment. To stop, take a breath, and rest in him at this time, and it will all be taken care of.

I'm not very good at that-- but it gave me peace.

Even though I always know it, it's good to get a reminder every once in awhile that the Lord has my best interests in mind, and I need to trust in him before I can move forward.

I don't know what this next chapter of my life looks like. I don't know when I'm going to get a job, or if my friendships will work out, all I know is that right now: I need to stop, be still, appreciate where I am, and be thankful for now and for what's to come.

Just thought I'd share.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Nine Days of In-Laws

Some of you may or may not know that my past with my in-laws wasn't always bright and sunshiny. There was quite a bit of friction for quite some time. But it's been on the mend for the last couple years. Doesn't mean that there wasn't an elephant in the room every once in awhile, and it didn't make it better the fact that we live across the country from them. So its been slow progress.

So without going further into details, and just moving right along. Last week my In-laws came for a visit for 8 and a half days. None of Michael's siblings, just his parents.
They stayed with us for 3 nights on a blow up mattress in the living room, then at the Travel lodge next door for 3 nights, then back at our place for another 3 nights.

Here is a rundown/Daily entry for what took place.

Sunday Night:
They came in around 8:10 PM. Hugged it out, then grabbed food at Lucille's BBQ house.
Headed home, introduced them to Ruby, and set up the blow up mattress.

We relaxed in the morning, Michael did some work until we headed out to Huntington Beach at 3:00.
It was a beautiful day in Huntington. Sunny, mid 70's, the beach was speckled with people, some even swimming. 

We walked the pier, and checked out the art walk.

That evening we took them to our favorite Huntington restaurant, Zimzala.
It was a great night full of good conversation and food.

Tuesday was mostly a relax day, we did head out to grab happy hour at the Wild Goose Tavern
TACO TUESDAY! They also have fantastic Burgers, and its cheap!

Snow Monster after, which was a somewhat new experience for Michael and I.

Wednesday I spent the day mostly with Sheila. She took me to a Doctors appointment in the morning. Afterwards I took her to Trader Joe's, Greenleaf for lunch (one of my favorite places to eat) and Mothers.
It was a nice time out and bonding, but a long day, when we got back I was pretty sore, especially since I had undergone a stress test that morning. My feet were done for the day.
Moved Rick and Sheila over to the Travel lodge for their reservation that evening.

Thursday was a relax day. Rick spent most the day at the hotel getting stuff done, and mid-afternoon Michael and his mom headed out for lunch and some bonding time.
In the evening we got together, snacked, and had a game night, playing some card games, and Munchkin.

Spent the day in Long Beach. Took them to our favorite restaurant in Long beach, The Attic around 11am

Before spending the day at the Long Beach Aquarium. A new experience for us all, especially Michael who had never been to an aquarium.

After spending a good 3 hours at the Aquarium, looking at some breathtaking exhibits, we headed off to Dinner on the Queen Mary.


After moving Michael's parents back into our place from the Travel Lodge, we took them to our favorite burger place: Umami Burger. Then spent the day up the Mountains. Met up with my mother at a restaurant in Big Bear called The Himalayan 

We had to sit outside and it was fairly cold since the sun was going down, so I used my scarf as a hat (also so i didn't spill anything on it )

After Church, we grabbed Lunch at Bruxie, then went to the swap meet at the OC fairgrounds. Only problem was it had been raining a little earlier in the day, so only about 30% of the venders were there. We still got to grab some cool stuff. I found a shirt, and some sunglasses. Michael picked up flavored coffee, and near the end the fruits and veggies were being sold by the bag for $1 just so they could get rid of it. We ended up with so much fruits and veggies, it was a little ridiculous.

When we got home we relaxed, made homemade salsa, and Sheila and I started a complex puzzle while watching 'The Mentalist'. (I had been going through it the last couple weeks)

Last Day Rick and Sheila were here, we spent most the day relaxing. Sheila and I finished up our puzzle. We played a couple more games after eating a wonderful meal Sheila had made, and we headed out for one last trip about the town, stopping at Fashion island, and the beach to grab some shells.

Tuesday Morning, 5am, we got up and took them to the airport.
hugged it out, and said our goodbyes.

It was a wonderful time having them out there, and I'm not just saying that to be a good daughter-in-law. It really was nice having them out here, mending some fences, and kicking the elephant out of the room.
and I do hope it's not so long 'til we see them again.