Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Summer of Experience and Growth

All I want is a nap, to get some peace of mind and rest as I am tired and sore.
All I can do is think of all the blog posts I haven't written, text all the people I haven't caught up with or want to talk to. All the Moments I want to create with people as this fall season has somehow arrived and settled.
and then, i feel it. The disruption I can't avoid.
A low blood sugar. 
So here I am, drinking pink lemonade and eating a gluten free snicker doodle, writing a long overdo blog post.

Lets see, Well right now my life consists of -
working as a busser at a little restaurant across the street from us called Inka Grill, I admit its a tough job, and my boss can be very hard on me, so it does add an element of stress to my life, but i find working very fulfilling and i love my coworkers, and apparently they love me too :) they are very encouraging and they really keep me going. 
I think getting out and doing something has been healthy.

I've decided that my checks are going into savings and my tips are saving up for a new computer, since this one is literally falling apart :p 

This all started mid August. I had been thinking of getting a job, and one night we finally decided to try the Peruvian restaurant across the street from us, since what, we had been here for almost a year and still hadn't tried it. We had a good experience and the next day, Michael had come home saying that they were hiring. So two days later, on a whim, mid-afternoon, I called. The owner picked up and told me to come on over. Surprised, I threw on clothes and a bit of make up, went in, sat down with her, and was basically told what the job would consist of, and that I was starting the next day.

So BAM, I had a job :) since then its been a bit rocky, frustrating, stressful, emotional and I've been in a bit of pain. But its also fulfilling, and healthy, with the exercise, getting out and being social. I've made friends, and definitely think God had me there for a reason. I was going to wait to find a new job before quitting, but yesterday I had an altercation with my boss and I quit. It was hard but I couldn't keep it together anymore, and just broke down.
I will be looking for a new job, but I am going to take a break until Michael and I figure out where we are moving to in the next month.

Also in August we found a church. The Crossing in Costa Mesa. We passed it time and time again heading to Newport, and finally when I decided it was time for us to find a community and start going to church, we decided to try The Crossing.
Personally, I was leery, the place was big, right on a main road, modern looking, looked like a lot of money goes into it and very showy, so i was personally worried they were going to be a more shallow and showy. More about getting people in, than speaking Gods word and although they are very big on getting people in and accepting everyone. They are also very big on outreach, and helping others through Gods word and through volunteering. Their band is amazing, and although they throw a popular song in there when it related to the weekly message, they sing stuff like Hillsong and others who are very deep into praise and worship. The messages although, not all of them are as deep as others, I found they spoke gods work, they didn't just uplift people and be nicey-nice to satisfy everyone, they said the harsh stuff and the stuff people don't always want to hear. but they also rounded it out to encourage and teach.

Personally I found that out of the 6-7 weeks we have been going, only 1 message didn't speak to me. The atmosphere is so uplifting and social, and bonding, and good. The people are open and they encourage others to communicate. Actually community groups are starting up soon, Michael and I signed up for a group for married couples between the ages of 18-26. So we are very excited to meet other couples, and not just other couples, but couples who share a lover for the Lord. People we can bond with and encourage and be there for each other. 
Community is very important and that is something we both have recently understood and agreed with.

(My mother took some pictures when we brought her last Sunday)

hmm....what's next?...OH
We celebrated out 3 year wedding anniversary!
After months of trying to figure out where we could go for the weekend or something to make it special, we landed on nothing, until the weekend of. and of course our anniversary landed on a Monday and we both had to work. So we wanted to do something special, so after taking our annual yearly anniversary photo (pictured)

We ate at Fig & Olive. 
One of those Restaurants with valet, and the valet parking lot is filled with Bentley's and Ferrari's.
The food is Franch food. there is a wall of just olive oil bottles, of their own olive oil. A couple tree's on the inside, so you can imagine it has a tall ceiling. and the place is almost all cream (it was night, so it could be white)

Thinly sliced braised octopus, marinated bell pepper heirloom potato, black olive, basil, arugula pimenton lemon dressing – Cobrancosa Olive Oil

8oz Creekstone farm filet mignon marinated with rosemary, thyme, garlic, haricot vert caramelized shallot, olive oil chive mashed potato – Arbequina Olive Oil Béarnaise 


four bite-sized desserts
Dessert “Crostini” Chocolate Pot de Crème Crunchy Praline Raspberry Sorbet 


Other then my mother visiting a couple times

Eat Chow

Finally seeing my cousin Doll play at Casa with my friend Nicole

Michael's 25th Birthday

and some other random stuff 

It's been a fairly life changing summer.

Ipsy - September 2014 Edition

September Ipsy review (or not)

This review is a bit different, for a few reasons. 
The main reason... I haven't used any of the products :p
1. Trying different face cleaners and lotions, isn't my thing. although they both smell good.
2. The dark red lip gloss is nice, but in my opinion it needs a good lipstick to go under it and I haven't found the right outfit to wear it with yet.
3. The silver eyeliner is cool, but not my style. Seems like a great product to use for a night out on the town, but I'm not really a partier and when I do go out for the night, I usually don't tend to wear shimmery, glittery or silver colors. although it doesn't seem bright or shiny, it just seems like a light gray. 

I'm sorry for the lackluster review, I just thought I would rather write honestly, then make up nice things to say about the products.

Thanks for understanding.
Until Next Time!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ipsy - August 2014 Edition

 August Ipsy Review

  J.cat Beauty, Flying Solo eye shadow, in Half Naked:
Says Half naked, so you would think it would be a nude, or maybe a brown, but its orange. A light orange, with a shimmer. Blends fairly well. Haven't found the right time to wear it.

Dr. brandt, Pores no more:
Instant mattifying pore refiner.
I actually got this product in my February Birchbox, so I do have a previous review. but I'm going to say something about it anyways since iv been using it for 6 months now.
I use it on my nose, before I put on my concealer and foundation and it actually does work. Don't ask me how, I have no clue :p but my nose does look a little more photoshoped to look smooth.

Klorane, Dry Shampoo:
I've actually gotten this in a previous Birchbox as well, but sadly I neglected my duties for a few months and didn't write and reviews for the April, May and June Birchbox's, and so you all don't know that.
This was actually my first time trying dry shampoo, and so it was an interesting experience that has led me to want to have dry shampoo on hand all the time :p lol. So I can't give you a review on the brand because I have no clue how this brand is better then other dry shampoo's. All I know is once this little container runs out, I will be going to the store and buying more dry shampoo.

Jersey Shore Sun, Mangongo, Nutrient Dense anti againg lip conditioner:
I love this stuff!!! Super silky, stays on for a long time and actually hydrates your lips, vs other "lip balms" that seem to wear off and your lips are then still dry. It may seem a little greasy/buttery when you first put it on, but it mellows out, and in my opinion the mango aroma is quite pleasant.
When I work, other lip balms wear off, my lips get dry, and I have to worry that it will show. But when I've put on the Jersey Shore Mangongo, I might have to put it on twice, but hardly ever, because my lips stay hydrated through my whole shift of running around bussing tables.
so I think that says something.

Last and definitely not least - Urban Decay, Perversion, Bigger, blacker, badder, Mascara:
I've only just started to notice the difference in mascara's and what I like in each of them, but I still have a hard time defining what I like and don't like in some. So this is one of those where I actually like it, and I might buy the full version when this little one is done. but I'm not exactly sure I know why I like it vs. my other mascara's.
It seems to separate, define my lash's nicely while still adding thickness to them. So far there hasn't been a whole lot of clumping, as I've said. I'm pretty happy with the product.

I hope my review was helpful.
Until next time! :)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ipsy - July 2014 Edition - The First of Many

July Ipsy.
My First Ipsy Bag.

After a few months on Birchbox, I found Ipsy.com. A company, like Birchbox, that distributes 5 cosmetics samples every month in a little Ipsy specialized bag. My subscription has started in July and I'm very much looking forward to what is coming in the next few months.

For now I am going to review what what Ipsy has sent me for my first month.

Sexy Hair, Soy Renewal Beach Spray:  
I've tried this product twice. Once right before bed, and the other was when I put my hair up, so sadly I don't have great results yet; however, I can tell I got a little bit of windswept look :\

Pop Beauty, Sunkissed Bronzer in Secret Sunshine:
Now I'm sorry to report that I have nothing to compare this to, because this is my first Bronzer (I know, such a tragedy) but I would like to point out that this bronzer is perfect for my skin tone, Ipsy did a great job on which shade to send, and it goes on very light, so I can build it up nicely. 
It was a great addition to the bag that I've used very often.

bareMinerals, 5 in 1, BB advanced Performance Cream eyeshadow:
I was a bit leary of this product, and even though iv actually used it a few times, i still am. its a good product, goes on smoothly, easy to blend, and although the color looked super dark in the vial, it was a but lighter and looked more natural. But I'm still not exactly sure hot to apply it. The cap has a little applicator attached to it so you can apply it on your eyes, but since its soaked in the cream, its not something you would use to blend it in, and can get a bit messy, so you would then need a small blending brush. but i would suggest doing it quickly, as the cream dry's fairly quick. which is actually a good thing. also i would like to note, that the cream, once applied and dried, is very light.
Full coverage, easy to blend, potent but natural color, light and airy feeling, dry's quickly, what more could you ask for right? 
I'm sure the problems I have with it, will work itself out as I experiment more with the product and more experienced makeup users would not have the same problems.

Pixi, Tinted Brilliance Balm, in Pretty Pink:
Now lets get this stated. I don't look very good in pink lipstick, pink tones yes, but peachy pinks, subtle pinks, or super dark pinks that are closer to purples or reds. Not bright pinks, shimmery, glittery, glossy pinks or frosted pinks (although i don't look good in frosted anything).

This lip tint is buttery, and smooth. With a nice bright lip color, and a slight shimmer to the finish. Its  it is almost too buttery for my opinion, so it doesn't stick too well if you eat stuff, but the color does last a bit even if you feel like its worn off.
To be all truthful, it isn't my color, but it's nice having something that I wouldn't buy myself incase I'm feeling adventurous.

Last, and sadly least, is the Hang Ten 08 Dark tanning oil.
Natural sunscreen, SPF 08 protection. Water resistant.
Now I say least, because I don't tan, so I haven't tried it :\ It's as simple as that.

I hope my review was helpful.
Until next time!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

21 and a Week

The week following my 21st birthday was great! 

It started with an awesome brunch at Bayside with the hubby. Which I must say, was excellent!!! 
Bottomless Mimosa's for the win!

Then that week my father came for his second visit. We didn't get as much time together as the earlier visit in june, but we had just as lovely a time :)
Monday when he flew in, he took me out to celebrate my birthday at the Queen Mary in Long Beach,  Just the two of us. It was a wonderful time exploring the ship, and easting at Chelsea's chowder house. Tried 2 drinks. We had some time to kill after that so we decided to cross the bridge and explore Long Beach further west, around the coast before heading back.

Tuesday we decided to take advantage of Taco Tuesday at a little pub a few miles away from us that had great reviews on Yelp called 'The Wild Goose Tavern'. Which I must say, I can't wait to go back and get the Taco's again, because they were fantastic! I tried my first real margarita and hated it, but I loved my second drink. I also got a burger, which was pretty impressive for the small tavern it was. Definitely going back, we had a great time!

 Thursday was the last day we got to hangout before my father's flight back Friday. We decided to drive down to Laguna Beach, a new experience for the both of us. We drove around a bit, ate at the Watermarc, Tried 3 drinks. Then we walked around a bit before heading back

It was so nice to be able to celebrate this landmark in life with my father. Of course I wish we were able to do more, see more, and spend more time together, but we had a good time together :) and it was the perfect way to continue celebrating my 21st!


You know, I've pictured it many times over many years. My 21st birthday. How big and grand would it actually be? Will I be clubbing or vacationing, will I look good or have gained a ton of weight, will I have friends there or be all alone? And in the recent years I feared that it was going to be just my husband and I, like the past 4 years before.

My last, big Birthday, was my 16th. Tons of friends over at my old house. I would like to say there was around 20 people there or more and it was a total blast!
 That was how I was used to celebrating on my birthday, I loved it, and it always meant a lot to me.
After that I had moved to california and hadn't really gained any friends until recently.
So those landmarks of reaching the next age hadn't been very memorable,
and I feared my 21st had been the same way.

To put things into perspective for a minute, let me inform you that the way I've always seen it for some reason, is my 21st is my last BIG BANG. Doesn't mean I can't/won't celebrate big in later years. But its always been a symbol to me of marking the years i view as my prime years. It's the birthday that is the big one, marking adulthood more then 18 or 20 could. Its that birthday that everyone asks, "so what did you do for your 21st?" 
For me, a birthday is the one day, where you know and are shown that people are thinking of you and love you. It's YOUR day. It's a reason to party, and celebrate and you don't ever feel left out. It's a day where you just feel special.

So this day, that I had been waiting and thinking about for years, has meant a lot to me, and just 6 months ago, I feared it wouldn't feel like a landmark. I feared I wouldn't be able to do anything that would make a lasting impression.

I was wrong! and happily so :)

My big day may not have been what I pictured years ago, but honestly for who I am now, I think it was better. Sure it could have been even better, in reality it wasn't the BEST day of my life or anything.
But it was way more than I expected to have, and I was truly blessed.
So let me tell you about it ...

I had decided to plan a dinner out at Chapter one, with everyone I knew out here invited. and what's a birthday dinner without cake? :p So I spent the two weeks before my birthday searching for the perfect cake place to make my cake. I know that sounds a bit excessive, but thats me, lol. After realizing that I could decorate my own cake the way I wanted, and all the mattered was taste, I decided to go with the Sugarpine Bake Shop in Big Bear, CA. However there was a problem, by the time I had finally decided, it was 4th of July weekend and I couldn't get ahold of the owner, Trish. I was told she was busy, and to call back, and when I had called next, she had left for the day and didn't work on mondays or tuesdays and had to email her. I emailed her and awaited by my phone. Jumping on my phone every day it made the email noise,
but she never emailed back. So Wednesday came around (2 days before my birthday) when she finally was in the shop, and she said she was booked for the weekend and that I should have emailed or called ahead of time. 
So that day I was out with Alexis and we were driving around town hanging out and my mother was checking her area for cake places while she was out at a doctors appointment, and found me a last minute place who would do make cake, with just enough black fondant to cover the size i was looking for. What are the chances right? 
after finally deciding what to do for decorations last minute, going to Michael's, finding the flowers I wanted, finding edible gold paint and painting them, then finding the large numbers 21 candles, scraping off the ugly circus colored polka dots (mind you, it took two hours of shaving), and spray painting them, and the 21 gold balloons. I was ready :p 

The Birthday:

My day started heading into LA to the Bottega Louie for lunch. A place I had wanted to eat at for 8 months and never got a chance to.
Thankfully after getting a bit of a late start, and some traffic we got there and didn't do to bad on parking.
Something I had prayed about before my birthday, was not that was gorgeous, but that I felt gorgeous on my big day. Just feeling beautiful can give you the confidence you need and the freedom to enjoy yourself, no matter what happens, and on that day, not only did I feel gorgeous, I thought I looked so too :)
and that really meant a lot to me. 
I was able to walk the streets of LA and into a beautiful upscale restaurant like the Bottega Louie like I was meant to be there :) haha sounds silly, but I'm an emotional person, and I want you to understand just how much these experiences mean to me.

My husband and I had a wonderful time. 
I ordered my first Alcoholic drink, The Black & Blue: Atlantic Rum, Freshly Muddled Mint, Blackberries, Blueberries, Fresh lime juice & Simple Syrup.
Started with Duck Prosciutto Crostini, Pork Chops as the entree, with Chocolate Soufflé for dessert.

Sadly we were stressed for time to get home through LA traffic, I had hoped to take some pictures around LA, but didn't have the time and had to squeeze them in at the parking complex before we left then some at home before I changed. 

It took us an extra hour longer to get home because of traffic, and that really added some stress to the day, so I could have done without that :p
After getting home and greeting my aunt Diane and my mother, I got changed and decorated the cake. We headed off to Chapter one to meet up with my other Aunt Marie and my friends.

Although the food was sub-par and 3 of the people we were expecting didn't show up, my two friends, Alexis and Brianna did, and it was a fantastic evening celebrating with some friends and family.
I got a free birthday drink :) and 2 other drinks with dinner. So I obviously got to make use of my new age.

I would also like to note, that my husband is the best. I mean he was the only guy there and I so appreciate him being there to celebrate with me, even though it was him and a bunch of women. 
So thank you my love!

Our friends Greg and Mariah were supposed to come and take us out after dinner, to go to a club or bar hopping, but since they got caught up in some family stuff and couldn't make it we decided to try Mesa, a lounge close to home, that I had been waiting to try out.
Although very busy, and the cover charge was $10/person, the drinks I had were fantastic, I even got a free one from the bartender because of my birthday, had no clue what it was, but I downed it with her :) and afterwards tried a 'Pink Martini' and their 'Lychee Martini' and loved them both! They seemed to have food to, so I hope to go back at some point, especially with friends.

So thats 7 drinks on my birthday, 2 free ones. I did pace myself, drank lots of water in-between my 6 drinks of the night, but I was pretty tipsy. So on our way to the car from mesa I kinda tripped and fell and scraped up my knee pretty good lol. but that kind of added to the 21st birthday experience right? :p lol
All-in-all it was an amazing Birthday, and I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but getting to celebrate with people, and a cake, and actually going out and doing something, meant the world :) and in actuality it was the whole week after my birthday that made it all memorable,
but I'll save that for the next time.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happly Fathers Day to Me

4 whole days after Leah left (see previous post) My father came for a visit, for the first time since we had out own place.
The first of 2 visits to happen this summer, and considering I took him everywhere cool we had already been on this trip, I'm not sure where else we will take him :p

It was a very nice visit. I'm glad he and I are able to still have adventures like we used, to even though I'm married and we live 2000 miles apart.